Hamburg Dom

On the Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg organizes a big folk festival three times a year, the Hamburger Dom. Rides and takeaways, as well as other attractions of numerous showmen attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, who make a pilgrimage to the adjoining Karolinen or Schanzenviertel.


Since March 23, the spring dome has opened! A highlight this year is the Wild Mouse XXL, which has been neatly upgraded. With VR glasses and sound on the ears, you can now enjoy the fun of a curve as a virtual ride.

The Spring Dome has two more new items in store: The Black Out offers a three-dimensional high-tech overhead flight spectacle for action fans and the Ghost is a successful mix of glass maze and ghost labyrinth on two floors. This year also has the DOM Bear ” Take a stroll “- Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, he is on the cathedral on the road.