Vera Bruß

Vera Bruß was born in 1980 and lives and works in her remote and rural farm shortly before Lübeck. Vera takes pictures of couples and individuals in their favorite ambience. Her photos also made it to the cover of the BDSM magazine headlines. Vera Bruss noticed her love for extravaganza very early on. Her very first photos (she was around 19 years old) showed two women with torn fishnet stockings, rivet belts and patent corsets, dark and hard-contrast, beastly and hot. At that time still very gothic  but already in the direction of fetish. The main focus was on the expression, the passion in sight.

“I wanted to make loud statements and celebrate the non-normal as normal.” – Vera loves to pounce on the peculiarities of people and to accept them radically, including their positive perversions. At best playful, sometimes shy and careful, but definitely always full of feeling. It is always the extraordinary that attracts and especially enjoys. The exhibition in the Erotic Art Museum is her first exhibition.