Welcome to the Museum

The Erotic Art Museum is a place for international erotic art closely related to artists from Sankt Pauli. The present exhibition features works by the collage artist Friedrich Frahm and the erotic photographs of the photographer Günter Zint. In turn, there are thematic exhibitions around the Eros and its many varieties. In the Art Shop, which itself is a structural work of art, visitors can buy reprints as well as original works from the current exhibitions. At the auctions regularly selected exhibits are brought under the hammer.

The museum is also a meeting place for artists. ”Die Rederei”, a regular lyric evening will take place in the museum. Local institutions also use the space for their events. The museum is also a hub for the annual Sankt Paulus Day celebrated in the district.

Who we are

Our exhibitions deal intensively with eroticism and sexuality and illustrate the diversity of erotic art. Our exhibits can be viewed in a partly frivolous but also serious way and provide information about sexuality through the passage of time.

Our artists know how to implement erotic art. In his collages, Fiete Frahm has found unlimited uses for all the erotic accessories that are created in St. Pauli. Günter Zint has created erotic masterpieces with great attention to detail. His photographs tell stories and show, among other things, lovers and couples. The artists of our changing exhibitions also specialize in erotic art and show it in a variety of ways.